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Montimage is an innovative company located in Paris.
We provide network security and analytics software, services and training.
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Our mainspring

At Montimage we design and develop tools for testing and monitoring networks. In particular, we test functional, performance and security aspects. We help improving context awareness and end-user trust.

We help you reduce the risk associated with internet access while we empower you to understand the events taking place in your network. In order to do so, we use artificial intelligence algorithms and behavioral analysis among the latest technologies.

Quality of services ensured by:

- multiple prizes and awards, 
- standards attested by our European projects, 
- the continued use of the most advanced technology, 

- satisfaction surveys for each project

We make security our priority:

- risk prevention,
- confidentiality of exchanges,
- constant vigilance,
- permanent innovation and technology watch


All our research and development principles take into account environmental and economic resources.
Our foremost concern is the respect of humans and nature alike.


Our talented engineers strive to provide you with their work excellence within the agreed deadlines.


At your service, we offer solutions adaptable to your particular needs.


You can count on our 14 years of experience in the IT field.

Who are the I.T. guys on the first floor?

In all modesty, doctors and geniuses;
Experts in design and development of complex systems.
Basically, we know what we do.
We are dedicated to developing sustainable solutions:
- We bring you the fruits of our advanced research in network security.
- We make your networks safe and easy to use.
- Powerful tools at affordable prices.

Edgardo Montes de Oca


Wissam Mallouli

Project Manager & technical Director

Luong Nguyen

R&D Software Engineer

Vinh Hoa LA

R&D Software/Research Engineer

Huu-Nghia Nguyen

R&D Software Engineer

Diego Rivera

R&D End Project Engineer

Hoang Long Mai

Phd Student


"There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds."

It is not a matter of "if" you are going to be attacked, it is a matter of when.

Four major steps to be taken when facing cyber attacks :


The majority of the security breaches are a consequence of unintentional leakage of data. Most threats can be and should be avoided by having a proper security training delivered.


Most companies take over six months to detect a data breach. By monitoring your network using artificial intelligence, we can detect anomalies in real time.


Detecting in real time the intrusion attempts is the first step. We enable you to take the decisions regarding your network traffic such as restricting or blocking traffic.


In the eventuality where networks have already been breached, we can help you by designing recovery plans and avoiding future security related incidents.

Our Products

The Montimage products portfolio consists of best-in-class network security technology.
We are constantly developing and improving our products.
Our team is always here in order to implement innovation to stay ahead of the malicious intents.


An industrial-level solution to manage networks at an unbeatable price

Analyze how your Internet connection is used.
- Block certain types of content (sites, applications, social networks).
- Allow applications and services in your network.
- Block ads before they reach your device.
- Establish full control on all your devices.
and more features being developed as you read these lines...


Allows the instant deployment of a core network.

Create 4G and 5G ready LTE networks on-the-go:
- Fast deployment in 5 minutes;
- IoT ready network infrastructure (slicing, efficiency);
- Reliable and robust core for emergency and safety networks;
- Future proof with extensions to become 5G core.
Integrated with software-defined networking and network function virtualization;


MMT-DPI is a network performance monitoring and operation troubleshooting tool.

- Real-time and historical views.
- Advanced rules engine
- Correlation between network and application events
- Detection of performance, operational and security incidents
- Easy-to-use customizable user interface


Our network load balancer or network traffic splitter.

It's main use is to separate network traffic according to the traffic’s protocols or applications.
- Separates the traffic, while respecting the sessions (i.e., sticky sessions),
- Allows for instance analysing each part of the traffic
- Uses disjoint security verification rules.
- Improves the scalability of the analysis with respect to the amount of traffic and the number of rules used.


MMT-APS: Protecting endpoint devices from Advanced Persistent Threats and 0-day attacks

MMT-APS is a new game-changing solution.
- we provide a very novel way to deal with Advanced Persistent Threats;
- detecting and blocking of 0-day attacks;
- patented technique that allows separating legitimate network traffic from malicious traffic.

Iot image

MMT-IoT - protecting your Smart devices.

Even when your WiFi is being monitored and secured, Smart Home devices require an extra security layer.
MMT-IoT helps you securing your connected home from outside intruders.
It is a perfect complement for MMT-Box that: - Actively monitors your IoT devices.
- Detects and blocks attacks on Smart Home devices.
- Extends the functionality of MMT-Box to monitor and secure IoT networks.


Security-related risks are reduced by 70% when businesses invest in cybersecurity training and awareness.

It's training time !

Security training

Today, cyber security awareness is critical to the survival in an industry dominated by growing virtual crime.

Cloud Courses

The current business environment demands cost effective and reliable solutions. Cloud computing technology provides the answer.

Our latest courses:

The ever changing picture of today's world demands continuous learning and adaptation.

Our Projects

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Our Technologies

The Montimage products portfolio consists of best-in-class network security technology.
We are constantly developing and improving our products.
Our team is always here in order to implement innovation to stay ahead of the malicious intents.

deep packet inspection

What is Deep Packet Inspection?

Deep packet inspection (DPI) is a way of processing data.The detailed inspection of the packets of data being sent over a computer network allows decision taking regarding the traffic.
Blocking, re-routing , or logging the flow of data are just a few of the multiple uses of Deep Packet Inspection.

cyber range

What is Cyber Range?

The word cyber range comes from an analogy with shooting ranges used to test and train fire-arms.
A cyber range is a virtual environment used for cyberwarfare training.
Cyber ranges are also used for cybertechnology development as they can be used as scale models for developing large scale applications.


What is blockchain?

Blockchain is an information storage and transmission technology without a centralized control organism.
Technically, it is a distributed database whose information sent by users and internal links to the database are checked and grouped at regular time intervals in blocks, the whole being secured by cryptography, and thus forming a string.

artificial intelligence

What is the Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science which focuses on the creation of machines or computer programs that imitate the functions we usually associate with human minds.
Among these functions, the most researched are "problem solving" and "learning".

evasion techlistniques

What are the Evasion Techniques?

Evasion techniques are techniques used by cyber-attackers to evade detection by security applications (e.g., Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Firewalls, Malware scanners).
They can be used for rendering the security applications ineffective or transmitting surreptitious information (e.g., for Command and Control of botnets).

encrypted traffic

What is the analysis of encrypted traffic?

Encrypted tunnels (via SSL / TLS, SSH ...) are becoming more widespread and simpler to set up.
They can be used by cyber attackers for performing data exfiltration, botnet command & control and many others.
The usual methods of detection - DPI, payload analysis become ineffective when confronted with the data being encrypted before transmission.

behavior analysis

What is network behaviour analysis?

In order to detect threats the big majority of security monitoring systems use a signature-based approach. The "signatures" of previously identified security threats are kept in databases.
In a variety of situations, the signature based scan can be effective, but it has limitations:
- It cannot detect new malicious signatures as such;
- They are completely ineffective against the encrypted traffic.

behavior analysis

What is a security service level agreement?

The adoption of the cloud computing paradigm has opened new business possibilities thanks to the virtual availability of huge computing resources at a low cost.
However, at the same time, many potential users are still reluctant to move their critical data and applications to commercial clouds, due to a substantial lack of trust in providers for what regards security.

adbvanced persistent threats

What are the advanced persistent threats?

The Advanced Persistent Threats are complex hacking processes carried out by attackers usually targeting a specific entity.
The term "persistent" is used to emphasize that it is often based on a Command & Control system that continually monitors and exfiltrates data from the targeted system.
Today, the most often used techniques are based on the detection of known attacks using signatures and identification of behaviour anomalies (e.g., as done by Intrusion Detection Systems), but 0-day and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are not accurately detected by existing techniques.

high bandwidth analysis

What is the network high bandwidth analysis?

High bandwidth network analysis is the process of recording, reviewing and analyzing network traffic for networks exceeding a traffic of 10 G/s.
The high bandwidth network analysis is used to convey information about performance, security and general network operations and management.
Nowadays, with video streaming taking a more and more important place in the total of communications over the networks, the utility of a tool capable of analyzing massive amounts of traffic in real-time is undeniable.

high bandwidth analysis

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, on demand, without direct active management by the user.
The term is generally used to describe data centers available to many users over the Internet.
Large clouds, predominant today, often have functions distributed over multiple locations from central servers.
Existing monitoring solutions to assess security and performance can still be used in virtualized environments and mainly for multi-cloud based applications.
Nevertheless, existing solutions need to be adapted and correctly controlled since they were meant mostly for physical and not virtual systems and boundaries.
The main inconvenient is that these solutions do not allow fine-grained analysis adapted to the needs of cloud and virtualized networks.

high bandwidth analysis

What is fog computing?

Same as cloud computing, fog computing provide storage, applications, and data to end-users.
The difference resides in the fact that while cloud computing is concentrated in data centers, fog computing has a closer proximity to end-users and bigger geographical distribution.
Also known as edge computing or fogging, fog computing facilitates the operation of compute, storage, and networking services between end devices and cloud computing data centers.
Fog computing is a medium weight and intermediate level of computing power.
Rather than a substitute, fog computing often serves as a complement to cloud computing.


Our work vouches for its own quality

Over the years, the projects we worked on received several mentions and awards


ITEA project DIAMONDS on which Montimage was a distinguished contributor was the winner of the EUREKA Innovation Award 2016 in the category 'Added Value'.

The original article...


The project SIGMONA has received the Excellence Award for Network Technologies: SIGMONA – SDN Concept in Generalized Mobile Network Architectures

More info about this...


Celtic has honoured the most successful and most promising finished projects with an excellence award.MEVICO received the Silver Award for the quality of the work.

More details here...


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